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What is the Cuckoo Egg Project?
    Perhaps you already have had a visit from the cuckoo bird and know the general answer. For the benefit of those who are visiting and have not yet received an egg here's the basics.  We see the project as bit of hactivism aimed at promoting debate regarding on-line file trading and artists rights in the digital age.

    The project is essentially a monkey wrench in the machinery of online piracy. The method is relatively simple - by creating an mp3 and renaming it to whatever your devious mind desires you can subvert the machinery. It's that easy - Napster users  trust that what they see is what they get but we have the power to change what they get.

    We have no illusions that we brought down Napster. We merely wish to encourage them and the various warring parties to create a fair use method for listening to and trading music online; one that respects the artists and the consumer.

Credit where credit is due. Thanks to the following folks:

Simon Watson for the flash intro and support above and beyond the call.
Stefanie Fix for her willingness to allow her music to be used in the first cuckoo egg "Bitterfool".
Wesley Tomatsu for his assistance with this website and for his extensive participation in the discussion board.
All the folks who sent words of encouragement and support, especially those who stated that they now had a reason to use Napster.
To the writers who wrote about our activities - especially Charles Mann who got it all rolling.
And finally to Cornell's Hardware and Rock & Snow, for their willingness to pay us  even though we sometimes appear to be working on this project...